Car accident in the HOV lane. If you’ve been injured in an HOV lane accident or any other type of crash, you can seek compensation with help from a Las Vegas car accident lawyer.  May 11, 2021

Accidents in the HOV Lanes

While HOV lanes are convenient, they can also be hazardous. If you’ve been injured in an HOV lane accident or any other type of crash, you can seek compensation with help from a Las Vegas car accident lawyer.

The main purpose of HOV or high occupancy vehicle lanes is to essentially decrease peak period travel times. In Las Vegas, HOV lanes can be used by cars that are carrying two passengers or more, including ridesharing or carpool services, emergency vehicles, buses, and even motorcycles. Do note, though, that trucks with more than two axles can’t use HOV lanes, and pets are not considered passengers.

HOV lanes serve various purposes, both from an individual and community perspective. For a lot of people, HOV lanes can help save time and fuel costs as well as lower the stress related to daily commutes. For the community, they help manage traffic congestion, support mobility, provide more transportation options, allow for improved use of infrastructure, and promote mass transport by prioritizing access. On the other hand, HOV lanes also come with specific risks and dangers.

Accidents Risks in HOV Lanes

While drivers face the same hazards, including drunk drivers, reckless drivers, and distracted driving, as drivers in general-purpose lanes, drivers can potentially face extra risks in HOV lanes. These extra risks include the following:

  • Speed Differential Between Lanes: There’s a safety concern with the concurrent flow HOV lanes because of the speed differential between general-purpose lanes and HOV lanes. Drivers in HOV lanes usually travel at a constant speed, but drivers going into these lanes might travel at a slower speed and cause rear-end crashes. On the other hand, drivers exiting HOV lanes might enter general-purpose lanes at excessive speeds and cause catastrophic crashes.
  • Insufficient Lane Barriers: On some roadways, medians typically separate general-purpose lanes from HOV lanes. But in some roadway stretches, there might be no physical barriers to separate different lanes. This might cause drivers to swerve freely, increasing the risk of vehicle crashes.
  • Accidents within the Barriers: A potential risk with accidents that occur within HOV lanes is when physical barriers restrict the driver’s ability to maneuver around a hazard. For instance, a driver in an HOV lane may not have enough space to avoid a speeding vehicle and prevent a collision.

It’s also vital to note that not all vehicles can use HOV lanes, and it’s crucial that drivers are aware of this to help avoid accidents and traffic violation citations.

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