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Back to School Safety Checklist

Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty about going back to school as the impact of COVID has resulted in later start dates and a potential transition to online classes for some students. It is still important to review back-to-school safety.


As summer comes to a close and the school year draws near, it is helpful to start thinking about your back to school safety checklist. This can include both your child’s transportation to and from school and different safety measures to keep in mind throughout the school day. Accidents do happen at schools, and it is helpful to review some safety measures in order to avoid a potential injury. Even if your child’s schooling is uncertain right now, reviewing safety rules can never hurt.

A Safe Transport To and From School

Accidents can happen on the way to and from school, especially for those children who live close enough that they regularly walk or ride a bike to school. Even children who ride on a bus with a professional driver are also at some risk of being involved in an accident. In order to ease your mind and prepare your children in the event of an accident, here are a few safety tips to remember:

  • Walking – Before school starts for the year, practice walking the route to school with your children. Look both ways before crossing the street, cross at crosswalks, and observe traffic signals to help prevent pedestrian accidents.


  • Riding a bike – equip your child with a helmet and look for a bike route that avoids large streets and intersections. Riding to and from school on a bike path with a group of friends is ideal.


Keeping Your Child Safe While they are at School

Once your child walks onto the playground or through the doors of their school, their safety is in the hands of the educators and school administrators. While these trained professionals are prepared to keep your children safe, there are a few different safety tips you can impart upon your children to keep their attention on maintaining health and avoiding injury when they are at school.



  • Playground safety – Encourage your children to be alert to dangers on the playground, such as slippery surfaces or old, hazardous equipment. Accidents happen on the playground, a few scrapes and bruises go along with the territory of play, but if you notice your child has suffered a more serious injury, it is important to seek medical attention.


  • Proper backpacks – A child’s backpack can quickly become heavily weighed down with schoolbooks, which can lead to injuries. It is advisable to make sure your child has a backpack with a proper fit.


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