Distracted driver talking on the phone while his other hand holds a cup of coffee. June 22, 2021

Common Driving Distractions

Distracted driving causes thousands of deaths and injuries across the US. But what causes these destructive distractions? Learn about the most common distractions and how a Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help you with a claim for compensation.

Did you know that distracted driving kills eight people in the United States daily? Also, distracted drivers killed 2,800 people and injured 400,000 others in a recent year. Statistics show that 20% of all those who died were bikers, pedestrians, or standing outside vehicles. Though many occupants of cars or trucks also suffer injuries due to crashes caused by distracted drivers.

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a collision and believe the other driver was distracted or otherwise to blame, contact a Las Vegas car accident lawyer for help right away.

Classifying Distracted Driving

We can broadly classify distracted driving as follows:

  • Visual – Visual distraction occurs when a driver takes their eyes off the road. They can do so by looking at a smartphone, checking their navigation systems or GPS, searching for items in the car, and many more activities.
  • Manual – Manual distraction occurs when a driver removes their hands from the steering wheel. They may do so to eat, drink, smoke, adjust the radio, program their navigation systems, or anything else that requires the use of their hands.
  • Cognitive – This distraction happens when a driver loses focus on their driving. Drivers commonly lose concentration by engaging in conversations with other passengers. A driver may also lose focus by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, feeling stress and fatigue, or even by simply daydreaming.

Common Causes of Distracted Driving

Below are the leading activities that cause the three general forms of distracted driving on our roads, from least to most deadly:

  1. Smoking distractions occur when drivers stop driving to light, smoke, or put out cigarettes.
  2. Moving objects inside vehicles can cause a driver to take their eyes off the road and distract them.
  3. Using tech gadgets or controls like adjusting a mirror also distracts a driver and causes accidents.
  4. Distraction can occur if a driver starts operating a vehicle’s music or climate control system.
  5. Removing one’s hands from the wheel to eat or drink is another leading cause of distracted driving.
  6. Taking one’s hands off the wheel to pick other objects in the car, for instance, the phone, can distract a driver and cause an accident.
  7. Taking your mind from the wheel to engage in protracted conversations with passengers is a leading cause of distracted driving.
  8. Taking your eyes off the road and wheel to gaze at people or events outside the vehicle is a serious distraction.
  9. Taking your mind off the road to meditate on other things is a highly common, yet overlooked, cause of distracted driving.
  10. Using your mobile phone to text, make, or receive calls is a deadly distraction that could cause a fatal crash.

Call a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer for Help

You can prevent your own distractions while driving, but you can’t do anything to keep other drivers from crashing while distracted. If you have been injured in a collision, you want an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer from Breeden Malpractice & Injury Law on your side. Don’t hesitate to call us or contact us online today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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