rv crash against car July 13, 2020

Did an RV Crash into Your Car?

RVs are more popular than ever in 2020, which means more RV accidents are likely to happen. If you suffer injuries, you should discuss a possible insurance claim or lawsuit with an experienced RV accident lawyer.


Summer is in full swing, and while 2020 brings a different summer to be sure, that doesn’t stop traffic accidents from happening. In fact, with the COVID-19 pandemic circling back around in many parts of the nation, far fewer people are flying, but families are still trying to fit in vacations as best they can. This means that we’re sharing the roads with more RVs than we normally might, and RV accidents can be serious. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a negligent RV driver crashing into your car, you need an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer on your side.

Recreational Vehicles

RVs allow their owners to get out and explore the country from the comfort of what amounts to a tiny home on wheels. While that’s great for everyone in the RV, these massive vehicles actually present some unique dangers on our roadways, including:


  • Although RVs are many times larger and heavier than the vehicles we drive, the motorist behind the wheel of that RV beside you on the highway usually needs no special skill, experience, or license.

  • RVs, because of their immense size and weight, require much longer stopping distances. When the motorist behind the wheel of an RV fails to account for this, dangerous – even deadly – accidents can ensue.

  • RVs have large blind spots on each of their four sides. When the RV’s driver fails to pay close attention to the traffic all around him or her, they can crash into other cars while changing lanes or turning.

  • RVs have higher centers of gravity due to their size, weight, and height, which makes them more vulnerable to rollovers, and when a massive RV rolls over on the road, everyone on the roadway is at increased risk of injury.

  • RVs can be significantly more difficult to maneuver safely through traffic, and when the motorist behind the wheel is drowsy or distracted, they can crash. Additionally, RVs are more susceptible to the adverse effects of inclement weather, and those operators who don’t adjust their speed accordingly can cause accidents.

Driver Negligence

The fact is that traffic accidents are often caused by driver negligence, and RV accidents are no different. Driver negligence can take many forms that include:


  • Driver Distraction – While distractions come in many forms, smartphones are the most common distraction in modern times.

  • Driver Impairment – Drivers who get behind the wheel while impaired make a potentially deadly choice.

  • Driver Drowsiness – Drivers who are drowsy can’t focus adequately on driving safely, and RV drivers might be on the road for long hours.

  • Driver Aggression – Aggressive drivers are some of the most dangerous drivers out there, as they might speed, tailgate, and more.

You Need an Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side

RV accidents are serious accidents, and the COVID-19 pandemic means there are more RVs traveling. If an RV driver leaves you injured in a traffic accident, the dedicated Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Breeden Malpractice & Injury Law are committed to skillfully advocating for compensation that allows you to achieve your fullest recovery. We’re on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (702) 819-7770 for a free consultation today.



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