drunk driver santa hat car accident December 15, 2020

Drunk Drivers Can Disrupt Your Holiday Season

Unfortunately, the holiday season can be disrupted for some people when they suffer injuries in crashes caused by drunk drivers. These drivers should be held fully accountable for the injuries they cause, and victims should discuss their rights with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. 


Las Vegas is a common vacation destination for the holidays, and many people who live in the city full-time are likely planning their own holiday celebrations. While it is common to toast champagne, drink mulled wine around the fire, or have other alcoholic beverages to celebrate the holidays, this also leads to an increase in drunk driving – and drunk driving crashes and injuries.


If your holidays are stopped short due to a trip to the hospital for crash-related injuries, you want to be sure to protect your rights. Get the medical attention you need and then speak with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer who can help.

Why Drunk Driving Leads to Collisions

Every driver on the roads should be well aware that impaired driving is highly dangerous and unlawful. This is because alcohol can have many effects on our physical or cognitive functioning that make it difficult to drive safely. Some common impacts of alcohol that can lead to crashes include:


  • Slower reflexes, requiring longer reaction times to obstacles or braking vehicles
  • Blurred vision, which can make it especially difficult to see at night
  • Lack of focus and concentration, so many drunk drivers do not remain aware of what is happening around them
  • Impaired judgment, which can lead to reckless decisions such as speeding or drag racing
  • Confusion, which causes many drivers to get lost or drive the wrong way on a one-way road
  • Falling asleep or nodding off, which usually causes a driver to completely lose control of the vehicle


If you notice someone driving erratically, you should stay as far away as possible and call 911 if they are endangering others. However, sometimes, there is little to no warning before a drunk driver collides with your vehicle.

Your Rights to Compensation

Even if a driver gets arrested and eventually convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), it might do little to compensate you as an injured accident victim. Instead, you must take action to protect your rights to compensation for your losses. This process involves:


  • Obtaining evidence of liability
  • Calculating your losses, which might include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent injuries
  • Filing the right insurance claims
  • Communicating and negotiating with the insurance company for the full settlement you deserve
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court when necessary


When you are recovering from injuries, the last thing you need to worry about is the insurance process. It is always best to let an experienced legal professional handle your case.

Seek Help from a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer Right Away

The legal team of Breeden Malpractice & Injury Law hopes that everyone has a safe holiday season. If you or a loved one is injured by a drunk driver or anyone else, we are ready to help. Contact us online or call (702) 819-7770 for a free case evaluation and discussion about a possible case.


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