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Diagnosis and Treatment for Accidental Fractures

Accidents can cause bone fractures, necessitating medical diagnosis and treatment. This article sheds light on how doctors diagnose and treat these injuries. Read on to learn more and how a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help you.

Bone fractures are common injuries that accident survivors sustain on our roads, workplaces, and homes. These bone injuries require costly medical attention that leads to losses, often prompting victims to seek legal help from a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Below is some information about how doctors diagnose and treat bone fractures. To discuss your rights after a fracture, speak with an attorney right away.

Types of Bone Fractures

Bone fractures come in different types and with different effects, including:

  • Avulsion fractures that injure muscles or ligaments by pulling on the bones.
  • Comminuted fractures that shatter bones into numerous parts.
  • Compound fractures (or open fractures) that cause the bone to pierce through the skin.
  • Compression fractures that occur in spongy spine bones.
  • Hairline fractures that partially fracture bones.
  • Pathological fractures that occur when hidden diseases weaken bones.
  • Spiral fractures that happen when a bone’s parts twist.
  • Stress fractures that result from repetitive strain and stress that break bones.
  • Torus fractures that deform bones, although they don’t crack or break them. They’re common in kids.

Common Symptoms of Accidental Bone Fractures

Bone fracture symptoms and signs differ, depending on your age and overall health. Your fracture’s extent and severity also determine the symptoms, and some common signs of a fracture are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Skin discoloration near affected areas
  • Difficulties moving injured areas
  • Fractured bones or joints may experience grating sensations
  • Open fractures could bleed and be visible to the human eye

Diagnosing and Treating Accidental Fractures

Diagnosing and treating accidental fractures is often most successful if you seek early medical intervention. Here is how doctors might detect and treat a fractured bone.


Doctors conduct a physical examination to identify fracture symptoms before starting treatment. They interview patients to get to the bottom of what happened to cause the injury. Doctors may also interview a patient’s family members, friends, or witnesses if the patient can’t communicate well. The interviews establish what caused or might have caused the fracture.

Usually, physicians order X-rays to identify a fractured bone. However, some bone fractures remain hidden from X-rays, prompting other alternative tests. These tests include computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or bone scans, and they often successfully detect such fractures. Fractures requiring these additional tests might include the wrist, hip (particularly in older patients), and stress fractures.


Fracture treatment provides injured bones with a conducive environment that facilitates natural healing. It also ensures that the injured parts function optimally after healing. The healing process starts by lining up the broken bone, which might only be possible after placing patients under a general anesthetic. Doctors may also induce this healing process by manipulating or operating on the affected bone if the neighboring skin or tissues were affected or if hardware is needed to keep the bone in place.

However, a patient’s recovery period depends on their age, which bone was injured, the fracture type, and their overall health and strength. For instance, older adults might take longer to recover. Physical therapy may be necessary after healing to restore muscle strength.

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