Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer March 9, 2021

Rideshare Accidents in Las Vegas

Rideshare accidents are happening with greater frequency. When you have been injured in a rideshare accident, you need an attorney who knows the rules of rideshare accident claims and how to work to get you financial compensation.

With the number of tourists in Las Vegas, it seems like practically every other car has an Uber or Lyft sign in their window. When you have been injured in an accident, and a rideshare vehicle is involved, there are some different rules that apply.

The number of rideshare pickups in Las Vegas grows by the year. 2016 was the first full year that rideshare companies were allowed to operate in the city. That year, there were just over 1 million pickups from McCarran Airport. By 2018, the number of rideshare pickups from the Airport tripled to nearly 3 million, cutting into the taxi business. In 2018, there were over 5,000 rideshare drivers in Las Vegas, and the number continues to grow.

Las Vegas Uber Drivers Have Many Distractions

With all the traffic in Las Vegas and drivers required to use the app at all times, they may be distracted behind the wheel. Las Vegas is not a city where you can take your eyes off the road for a minute, especially when drivers are in the tourist areas.

These rideshare drivers do not work for Uber or Lyft, so you cannot sue the rideshare companies when you are hurt in an accident. When there is a passenger in the vehicle, there is a $1 million insurance policy that is in effect. At other times, the driver’s personal auto insurance would cover the accident.

You Must Make an Insurance Claim

All of this means that getting compensation for your rideshare accident is going to involve an insurance claim. The companies that provide insurance for Uber and Lyft are used to dealing with claims in large volumes. They are also making quite a bit of money on this business. They do this by getting away with paying less than claims are worth. A rideshare attorney could help you deal with the insurance company and is a safeguard against accepting a low offer without knowing what your claim is worth.

Rideshare accidents require some factual investigation to establish which insurance policy covers your accident. First, you need to know whether the driver had their app on and whether they were heading to pick up a passenger at the time of the accident. Second, you would need to establish who was at fault in the accident.

Then, your Las Vegas car accident lawyer negotiates on your behalf with the insurance company. This can be a lengthy and detailed process filled with lowball offers and counter demands until you reach a settlement. Most rideshare claims and cases will settle either before a lawsuit is filed or before the case reaches the jury.

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