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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Every day, motorcycle riders in the Las Vegas area are involved in collisions that result in serious injury. While accidents are not always preventable, choosing the right motorcycle helmet can help to reduce the severity of these injuries.

Motorcycle accidents can result in life-changing injuries for the riders involved. One of the best ways to protect yourself from serious injury in the event of an accident is to wear a motorcycle helmet every time you ride.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

In the state of Nevada, every motorcycle rider and passenger is required to wear a helmet. There are many different models of motorcycle helmets on the market, and choosing the right one can make all of the difference. First, it is important to recognize that when it comes to safety, finding a helmet with the right fit is essential. You could have the most high-performance helmet available, but if the fit isn’t right, it can be fairly ineffective in the event of an accident.


When shopping for a helmet, determine the style of helmet that you are looking for. This might be one of the following types of helmets:


  1. Full face
  2. Half face
  3. Modular
  4. Flip-up
  5. Open face
  6. Motocross


The full-face helmet has been noted as the safest helmet across the board as it provides the most protection out of all the different motorcycle helmet styles. That in mind, after you have selected the style of helmet that you prefer, it is important to make sure that you have the right fit. If you can, the best way to determine a proper fit is to go into the store and try the helmet on. The salesperson can help identify helmets that meet your criteria, and you can physically move your head while wearing the helmet to see if the fit is correct. You can also spend some time wearing the helmet before you purchase it to determine if there are any pressure points or any discomfort after a few minutes of wear.


Before confirming your purchase, make sure that the helmet meets all of the necessary safety requirements and has been tested against those. Look for these two stickers that will indicate that the helmets have been tested:


  • Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker – The DOT safety testing standards for motorcycle helmets can be found here. This list includes what to look for when you are purchasing a motorcycle helmet.



  • Snell Foundation sticker – You can review the Snell Foundation 2020 safety testing standards for protective motorcycle headgear here.



If you have been hurt while riding your motorcycle and believe that another party is liable for your injuries, it is advisable to speak with an experienced Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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