Nevada Uninsured Driver Attorneys

Rarely ever do you expect to get into a collision

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Nevada Uninsured Driver Attorneys

Rarely ever do you expect to get into a collision

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Nevada Uninsured Driver Attorneys

Rarely ever do you expect to get into a collision

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Nevada Uninsured Driver Accident Attorney

Despite how common car accidents are, rarely ever do you expect to get into a collision. What’s more, you probably do not expect to be the victim of an accident involving an uninsured motorist. Unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence and you will need to speak with a Nevada personal injury attorney who has experience in handling these types of complex issues.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver, you will need to take swift legal action. We understand that you may be stressed or overwhelmed, but our legal team at Breeden Malpractice and Injury Law is here to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible. We are here to create solutions – not more problems.

Do you have an uninsured motorist accident claim in Northern Nevada or another surrounding area? Contact our Nevada car accident attorneys to learn about your options.

Face Problems with Your Insurance Company Head-On

There are higher numbers of uninsured drivers on the streets and freeways in Nevada than ever before. Unfortunately, statistics show that these drivers are more likely to cause an accident. This has left insured victims at a loss – and often unable to pay for the resulting damages.

In a usual car accident case, you can file a claim against the insurance company of the responsible driver. In cases involving uninsured drivers, there will be no insurance company to file against because the driver is not covered. In such a case, you can then go to your own car insurance company to seek compensation for damages.

While it may seem clear that the upcoming process will be stress-free because you have faithfully paid your premiums to your insurance company, this is often not the case at all. It can come as a shock to discover that your own insurance company is not willing to pay you the full amount you are due under the terms of your policy. Not only is this unjust, but in some instances, can be illegal. We are ready to take aggressive legal recourse on your behalf in our tireless pursuit for your full damages.

Why Hire a Lawyer for an Uninsured Motorist Accident

Any person who has attempted to get a claim paid for an uninsured motorist soon discovers the frustration and difficulties involved. It is advised that you connect with our Nevada car accident lawyer at Breeden & Associates to manage the process and protect your right to full compensation.

An insurance adjuster will contact you and they could request access to your vehicle and to your medical records. Even though you may assume this is normal protocol, allowing access to your files could have greater implications. You could have a claim denied or reduced, based upon a past medical condition.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect fair treatment from an insurance company. As a multi-billion dollar industry, you should not assume that the insurance companies will act in your interests. They have a bottom line and they will do whatever is necessary to protect that bottom line.

Our Northern Nevada Personal Injury Attorneys Level the Playing Field

Although you have coverage, the settlement amount you are offered to pay the damages is often pitifully low; it may not even cover your medical bills. We can help you to get fair treatment and can help you receive all of the compensation that you are due under the terms of your policy.

We have helped our past clients:

  1. Take swift action against insurance companies and other liable parties
  2. Recover millions in verdicts and settlements
  3. Receive full compensation for all economic and non-economic damages

Should the problem not be resolved within a reasonable period of time, the insurance company can be taken to civil court for insurance bad faith, with your full damages paid, as well as your legal fees. In most cases, however, cases do not need to escalate to this level because we know how to work with insurance entities and demand fair results for our clients.

Call Breeden & Associates for a Free Case Evaluation

When it comes to insurance matters and uninsured motorist accidents, we make certain our clients are completely informed of their rights and options. Unlike the insurance companies, we speak in plain English and explain to you what you are entitled to.

We know all of the tactics that insurance companies engage in. We are ready to put our skills, experience, and knowledge to work for you. Do not assume that you have to fight this battle alone. We advocate on behalf of real people – not companies – and we are ready to help you.

We offer all of our potential clients with free case evaluations. Take the first step and call our offices today.

Nevada Uninsured Driver Accident Attorney

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