July 11, 2019

What About Lawyer Fees?

Our firm charges what is called a contingency fee. This means we collect a percentage of what you recover at the end of your claim, whether your case settled, went to trial or went to appeal. In other words, if your case settles for $10,000 and we agreed to a 33.33% contingency fee, our fee is $3,333. This also means if you do not recover, we are not paid at all.

The contingency fee is the great equalizer in the law. Today, only large corporations can afford to pay lawyers hourly fees of $500 or more. The contingency fee enables a common person to hire an attorney capable of presenting their case without up front costs.

Commonly, the percentage fee for a personal injury case is 33.33% of any settlement prior to filing a lawsuit and 40% after that. These fees have developed over time and reflect the lawyer’s costs over operating a firm and the time-consuming nature of litigation. It also reflects the lawyer’s skill
and experience.

But what about fee discounts? Well, like many services, the issue of lawyer fees can be summarized by saying “you get what you pay for.” Look out for several tricks you see from other lawyers.

One thing you often see is a “teaser and fee from lawyers. For example, a 20% fee to start. These lawyers just want a quick settlement so they can move on quickly. They can’t afford to invest serious amounts of time or money into your case and you often lose overall.

We are seeing “admin or “set up fees too, for example $500 to open your case. These fees are not traditionally charged, and we would not recommend paying this fee to clients.

We’ve also seen fees as high as 55%. If an attorney is trying to charge you this much, run out the door. The attorney is either taking advantage of you or does not believe in your case.

The Nevada State Bar requires all lawyers to alert clients that in the event of a loss, the law may require you to pay the other side’s costs or attorney’s fees.

If you have questions about the fees, just ask. We want a trusting, up-front relationship with our clients.

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