July 5, 2019

Five Things not to Do after an Auto Accident

We are often asked “what should I do after an accident?” Sometimes, it is easier to tell a client what not to do. Here is some quick advice:

1. DON’T Give a Recorded Statement to the Other Person’s Insurance Company.
They hit you. Now, their insurance company wants a statement from you. But the request is not in order to help you. It’s to lock in a story, lead you to say you are okay, commit you before all the facts are known or to speak to you before you get an attorney to protect your rights. We almost never recommend these statements be given.

2. DON’T Delay Medical Treatment. Insurance companies value claims primarily on how quickly you receive medical treatment and how frequently you receive treatment. The attitude of “I’ll tough out the pain” or “I just don’t have time to get treatment” will harm your claim. Even a delay of a few hours from the scene of an accident harms clients. If you are hurt, get the treatment you need, don’t delay.

3. DON’T Accept Liability or Fault for Causing the Accident. Check your own insurance card. Most times it will tell you not to accept fault for an accident. You have no idea if the other driver was drunk, speeding, on their cell phone, etc. Just call law enforcement or exchange information with the other driver, but don’t admit fault at the scene.

4. DON’T Forget to Take Photographs. We all have cell phone cameras these days. Photograph the scene before the cars move. Get photos of all damaged areas if you can. Sometimes clients never see their cars again after they are towed from the scene if the cars are totaled. Other times, the other driver will dispute what lane the cars were in or how they collided. The photos document your case.

5. DON’T Delay Calling our Lawyers. Delay after an accident harms your case. Memories fade. Witnesses disappear. The statute of limitations begins to elapse. You need good advice to present the best claim. Contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible following your accident.

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