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July 6, 2019

Five Reasons you Can’t Find a Medical Malpractice Attorney (and what to do about it)

Most medical malpractice victims get turned down by more than one attorney before finding one to take their case. Here are five common reasons your case is being turned down (and what to do about it): #1: You Waited Too Long to Call Us. While there are some exceptions, generally speaking you must file a […]

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Las Vegas Malpractice Lawyers
July 3, 2019

Medical errors due to prescription mistakes

Have you suffered injury due to a prescription medication error? The marvels of modern medicine keep us healthier and living longer than at any other time in human history.  Prescription medications are among the advances that can help treat many conditions, alleviate pain, and promote faster recovery.  We trust our doctors and pharmacies to prescribe […]

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Car rear end accident
May 29, 2019

Common Causes for Car Accidents in Las Vegas

Our Nevada Personal Injury Attorneys Protect Your Rights The numbers of accidents caused by distracted drivers continues to rise. There are more and more in-vehicle systems, such as back-seat video players, built-in GPS screens, and music units, as well as hand held devices that some drivers just cannot ignore. Drivers that text while behind the […]

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