Negligent Nurse causing injuries to an elder November 17, 2021

Common Injuries From Nursing Home Negligence

Today, one of the most troubling issues in nursing home care is the increasing prevalence of negligence among poorly trained and poorly compensated staff. This ongoing negligence and abuse can give rise to a variety of injuries to nursing home residents. Concerned relatives should be on the lookout for these signs of neglect.

Types of Injuries

A nursing home injury is, loosely, any type of physical harm that a nursing home resident experiences at a long-term care facility. Generally, one of the reasons elderly patients are placed in nursing homes is to reduce their likelihood of injury. However, many injuries still occur, and they are often the result of negligence or abuse in the nursing home. Some of the more common injuries include:


Falls contribute to broken bones, bruising, and reduced mobility. They are the leading cause of deaths related to injuries among those over the age of 65.

Bed rail injuries

Used to keep residents from falling out of bed, bed rails can, if the elder individual is caught between the rail and mattress, also cause breathing problems, suffocation, and heart failure.


Bedsores, which result from pressure caused by lying in the same position for a long time, cause skin damage and necrosis and lead to serious infections. According to the CDC, nearly one in twelve nursing home residents suffers from them.


Nursing home residents are prone to fractures because of the tendency to fall and the weaker bones of old age. Hundreds of thousands of seniors break a hip each year, and one-third of them will die from those fractures.


Generally, including a highly vulnerable and concentrated population, nursing homes experience millions of infections each year. Of those infected, more than one in ten will likely die.


Another consequence of frequent falls, concussions, a form of traumatic brain injury, can cause long-term health problems. Each concussion, because of slow healing and impact on function, makes the next more likely.

Neck and spine injuries

Depending on the location of the injury to the spinal cord, the consequences can range from bad to worse to death. They can cause paralysis, loss of bodily functions, and loss of mobility and independence

Injury Prevention

Nursing homes should have good programs in place to prevent injuries. But, even in those residences which do have such programs, it is still possible for overworked and under-trained staff to miss signs. Family members and friends should:

  • Research the home – look for safety and professional care
  • Make sure appropriate assistive equipment like wheelchairs and walkers is available
  • Keep an eye out for abuse or neglect and report them if seen
  • Updating staff on resident’s health care needs, especially when they change
  • Visit often

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