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Head Trauma from a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accidents can, unfortunately, result in serious head injuries – especially when motorcycle operators and their passengers are not wearing helmets. Even when helmets are worn, the helmet could still crack, resulting in a serious injury to a rider or operator.

If you or a person you care about has suffered a head injury in a motorcycle accident that resulted from another person’s negligence, you should talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible about your case. A Clark County personal injury lawyer at Breeden Malpractice and Injury Law could help you to file a claim or a lawsuit against a negligent motor vehicle driver and work to pursue the compensation that you deserve arising out of your accident. Give us a call today at (702) 819-7770 or contact us online for more information about how we could assist you in your legal matter.

How Motorcycle Accidents Occur

In many instances, motorcycle accidents occur because of another driver’s negligence. When a motor vehicle driver is distracted or fatigued while behind the wheel and is not paying attention to his or her surroundings, the driver is more likely to cause an accident. When a collision occurs between a car or truck and a motorcycle, the injuries are likely to be far more serious for the motorcyclist.

How Head Injuries Occur in Motorcycle Accidents

Even when motorcyclists are wearing their helmets, they could still suffer a head injury in a motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist could fall from the bike and strike his or her head on the ground and suffer an injury. Also, in some instances, the motorcyclist could strike his or her head on another vehicle or on the motorcycle itself, and suffer a serious injury.

Types of Head Trauma Suffered in a Motorcycle Accident

Many head injuries that a motorcyclist might suffer in an accident could result in long-term trauma, not to mention pain and suffering, inconvenience, and extreme mental anguish. Common types of head injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents include the following:

If you or a loved one has suffered any of these injuries because of another person’s negligence, be sure to call an experienced Clark County personal injury attorney right away.

Call a Clark County Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a close friend or loved one has suffered head trauma in a motorcycle accident caused by another person, the knowledgeable legal team at Breeden Malpractice and Injury Law can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case today. We could then prepare a settlement demand on your behalf and negotiate your case to ensure that you are fairly compensated. We are not afraid to litigate your case to trial if we feel that the insurance company is being unreasonable. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a Clark County personal injury lawyer, call us today at (702) 819-7770 or contact us online today.

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