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Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen at Night

Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious long-term injuries that often prevent victims from maintaining the life that they once enjoyed. In Las Vegas, many of these motorcycle accidents happen at night when visibility is reduced. 


In the State of Nevada, many people enjoy riding their motorcycles both for recreation and as a means of transportation. With the year-round moderate weather and wide, open roads, it is not surprising that so many people in the Las Vegas area opt to ride their motorcycles. While many people would say that there is no better feeling than riding down the open road on a motorcycle, there are certain risks involved, especially when riding at night.

Common Causes of Nighttime Motorcycle Accidents

One of the greatest inherent dangers of riding a motorcycle does not necessarily involve the skill and experience of the rider, but the awareness of every other driver who they share the road with. Even the most cautious and experienced motorcycle rider is at risk when the other drivers are not aware that they are nearby. Given that motorcycles are smaller than most other vehicles on the road, drivers often fail to notice when they are near them, which can result in devastating accidents. This is particularly common at night.


Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents at night include but are not limited to:


  • Low visibility – When it’s dark out, and visibility is reduced,  it is more difficult for drivers to see both objects on the road ahead of them and any objects that might appear in their rearview mirrors. This is especially true if the driver does not take the time to check their mirrors and blind spots.


  • Intoxicated Drivers – A driver who gets behind the wheel at night when they are intoxicated is already displaying dangerous behavior. These drivers often are unaware of their surroundings and can cause deadly accidents, especially when a motorcycle is involved.


  • Distracted Drivers – Similar to those drivers who are intoxicated, a distracted driver is also especially dangerous to everyone else on the road at night, especially to motorcyclists. For example, a distracted driver who is not focused on the task at hand, driving, might fail to notice when a motorcycle is stopped at a red light at night. A distracted driver who rear-ends a motorcyclist can cause serious and even deadly injuries.


  • Construction or Road Work – Often, it is more difficult to see construction work on the roads at night, especially if proper lighting has not been put into place. This creates a dangerous scenario for motorcyclists and all drivers who are out at night.

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