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Signs of Injuries Following a Car Crash

Drivers need to get help for accident injuries as soon as they know that they are injured. Be aware of the signs of possible injuries, seek medical treatment, then speak with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. 


Drivers who are injured in an accident are always advised to seek medical help at the scene of an accident. However, not all drivers may realize that they have been injured right away. Below are some signs that you need to get treatment either in the days following an accident if you have not already done so at the scene. If you would like to discuss your injuries and rights, contact a Las Vegas car accident lawyer directly. 


This is a sign that you may have suffered a brain injury in the accident. These are usually the signs of a concussion for which you should seek immediate treatment. They could also mean that you are suffering from blood clots in the brain or a hematoma. The longer you wait to have these treated, the worse the damage can become.

Back and Neck Pain

These are the most common types of delayed injuries from car accidents. You may not feel them at the scene because the effects of whiplash or other injuries can take days or more to materialize. While whiplash sounds common, it can actually lead to serious long-term injuries that may require surgery and rehabilitation. Back pain can signify damage to the muscles or vertebrae. 


This is a sign of a nerve or spinal injury that could be the result of whiplash. Loss of feeling in the hands or arms is a common sign of whiplash and is an indicator that you need medical treatment because the injury may not go away on its own. This can also be a sign of spinal disks slipping out of place, which often leads to impingement of nerves. 

Abdominal Pain

Internal bleeding is one of the most serious undetected injuries that you can have after a car accident. Since you cannot see the injury, it continues to harm you until it is discovered. Abdominal pain and nausea are signs that you are dealing with internal injuries. You may also have blood coming out of your body from unusual areas. These are signs to get immediate medical help. 

Personality Changes

You also need to watch for signs of a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. This can even happen from whiplash, when your brain shakes violently in your head. Personality changes are a sign that there is some damage to your brain. You should be alerted if you have:


  • Difficulty focusing
  • Trouble thinning
  • Mood swings
  • Unusual aggression
  • Irritability


It is vital that you get treatment for these injuries at the first possible opportunity. Not only is your short and long-term health at stake, but getting prompt medical attention may also affect your ability to be able to recover financially for your car accident injuries.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers Helping Victims and their Families

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